Chlo ballet shoes like Natalie Portman in the Black Swan in the many appearances of the lens, she sat on the ground carefully put on their own ballet shoes, the lens fixed in the shoes above.

flat flat

in the end Chlo ballet shoes like Natalie Portman in the Black Swan in the many appearances of the lens, she sat on the ground carefully put on their own ballet shoes, Fixed on the shoes above. In the Chlo 2011 spring and summer series conference, the models are rare to discard the high heel and put on the paste of flat shoes, the degree of their folks as if they barefoot in the walk, this completely copy from the ballet shoes comfortable flat Shoes, made of high-end leatheaw materials, exquisite gorgeous, so you wear it to jump the whole spring and summer heart.

LANVIN 2011 spring and summer conference, launched a second layer of skin like a dress and suit, with the match is also flat shoes. This series of new shoes, flat sandals to artificial diamonds, metal, anklet design presents a free, elegant, modern full of series, elastic elastic rope, fixed buckle and python skin material to bring us A stylish, sporty feeling.

Ferragamos My Ferragamo series with its comfortable, classic, young, colorful, playful and other characteristics always attract young womens eyes. Up to the previous season style, this season also introduced the use of denim, ultra-soft leather, kangaroo leather, metal luster suede and other materials of the new shoes, interpretation of this section of the shoes slightly pointed ballet shoes, showing young and elegant casual wind.

ankle is a bright spot

spring and summer wear shoes can reveal a beautiful ankle, which the wearer or designer is an excitement, I believe to create ankle bright spot is not particularly popular this spring and summer, But every year there will be new highlights.

personal like Ferragamo this summer sandals style, high and low moderate heel, shoes, zipper side decoration, the design of the upper is very simple, but the color and material selection is very elegant, ankle parts around the circle design, one The metal buckle is chicly decorated there. Also in the middle, Chlo sandals in the ankle design of a wide foot ring, just stuck in the ankle, the equivalent of an ankle to wear a bracelet. Phillip 3.1 wood thick soles height is very moderate, but in the posterior palm to do a little heel, the upper and the soles of the wood echoes the earth color, two buckle womens onitsuka tiger shoes design, one of the eye-catching in the ankle Position, outline the strong leg lines. Marc Jacobs with a snake-like feather lines from the ankle up around the circle, evidently the size and height can be with the calf and ankle thickness of the free adjustment, very sexy. Alexander Mcqueen set a wheat braid on the ankle on the basis of fine high-heeled sandals, armed with an eye in an eye-catching manner. Emilio Pucci sandals simply focus on the ankle to create, constitute the upper lines are extended from the ankle out, buckle, rivets, spring and summer is pushed Martin boots style patent leather shoes, but heel parts opened the hole, ankle with black lace, to create punk style.