wearing a poker shirt of the Iraqi soccer team in the World Cup Asian qualifier in the identity of the first group of A easily qualify

Pick possible Become the only debut of the Brazilian World Cup Chinese sports brand. Beijing time on the evening of February 29, by virtue of a 7-1 victory, wearing a poker shirt of the Iraqi soccer team in the World Cup Asian qualifier in the first group of identity as a group easily qualify. Although the opponent before Singapore has been ahead of schedule, but Iraq did not care, let the team debut in full, which Younis also played in the game hat trick. Next, Iraq will continue to participate in the World Cup semi-finals in Asia, in recent years, outstanding achievements of Iraq have great hope to enter the World Cup 32, the Chinese brand Peak will sponsor the identity of the Iraqi team in the impact of the World Cup on the road to go Farther away Iraq as an important part of the brand internationalization strategy, Pick early in 2008 with the Iraqi Football Association, the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Pick to become the Iraqi national football team, the Iraqi Olympic soccer team designated sportswear Sponsor. Sponsored football field for the internationalization of the road into the fresh vitality, Peak is the 2014 Brazil World Cup Asian qualifying debut in the only Chinese sports brand.

The Iraqi soccer team is not only an Asian giants, but also has excellent and magical performance in the global nature of the competition the fourth in the Athens Olympic Games, the Doha Asian Games runner-up, the 2007 Asian Cup champion Pick the Iraqi soccer team Partners, but also because Iraq in the game to show the competitive spirit and the spirit of the Olympic brand is very fit. Olympic sponsorship

year after year war, the Iraqi football team is still successfully into the 2014 Brazil World Cup semi-finals in Asia. Iraqi Football Association President Naji Hammoud recently accepted an exclusive interview with Xinhua said, Iraqs victory, relying on the people of the sport of football from the heart of love. Iraqi football team with its fearless fighting spirit And the fighting spirit, for the flames of the motherland and the hardships of compatriots to bring a second honor, Iraqi football has long been a source of happiness for the Iraqi people, the Iraqi people asics casual shoes to actively participate in the spirit of the sport is also consistent with the slogan of the Olympic I can play, This spirit is also Peak has been advocated.

Although the Chinese team with the Iraqi team unfortunately in the group stage was eliminated, but Peak is still very concerned about the development of Chinas football career, Picks sports product research and development center for professional athletes specially designed football series, and Sponsorship of six domestic class A team, in the youth of football level training, Pick has made a lot of effort.