Eat more to speed up the fat burning food, a little more exercise, so that the body is always in the best condition, you can let the fat nowhere to hoard, the body naturally healthy slim. 10 kinds of weight loss recipe, must make you tired and thin. Here and Xiaobian together to see it!

1, down the way to lose weight

As asic tiger mexico 66 long as you try to do, not only have the effect of weight loss, but also to promote blood circulation, unknowingly can correct the posture. Because the walking will make the knee movement load increased, it is easy to cause damage to the joints. So the exercise time should not be too long to 120 steps per minute speed to go on about 15 minutes on it. At the beginning of the time may be a bit uncomfortable, and will be very tired, but as long as unremitting to do naturally will adapt.

2, skipping slimming method

rope skipping is a place and easy to do the whole body movement, in the thin at the same time, to adjust the breathing and coordination system, so that youesponse more quickly. Every day to stick rope 500 times, and soon will find themselves on the fat become less tight. But skipping as a violent aerobic exercise, be careful exercise injury Oh.

3, walking thin law

do one or two days can lose 1 2kg weight. If you just do to achieve the purpose of walking thin. At first, you may feel tired of the body, but also the phenomenon of swelling, but after the physical strength is no problem. Arm and legs, the greater the range of action, weight loss will be better, but do not overly barely their own.

4, dumbbell weight law

dumbbells use a very convenient equipment. Hold the dumbbell to sit down, and then move forward to lean forward. Do 30 times a day or so, you can reduce a lot of weight. For those who lack muscle, covered with fat people can also play the role of increasing the amount of muscle. Not only can be thin, but also exercise a muscular muscle curve. Especially for those who are more fat body is very effective. = Bit = 5, bitter gourd weight loss method

bitter gourd contains a highly bioactive high-energy lipophilic, this material only acts on the body to absorb fat important parts of the small intestine, by changing the intestinal cell hole, to prevent Fat, polysaccharides and other heat macromolecular material absorption, but does not affect the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. If you do not have the conditions of juice, you can eat directly, but I suggest you eat the way the bitter gourd to cut the seeds after half, cut into small pieces of 1.5 cm wide, and then uninterrupted consumption, when eating please chew carefully, Until you feel bitter gourd after swallowing.

6, konjac diet

konjac food main active ingredients make people not eat in the stomach after digestion, can effectively absorb cholesterol and bile acids, and can inhibit intestinal absorption of cholesterol and bile acids. With lipid-lowering, lowering blood pressure, appetizers, catharsis, anti-cancer, weight loss, beauty and other functions.

detoxification passers konjac powder 5-10 grams, plus boiling water about 200ml stir evenly drink! Day 1-2 times the body fat to lose weight morning fasting, konjac flour 5-10 grams, plus boiling water about 200ml stir evenly drink! 1-2 times a day Diabetes patients 5-10 minutes before meals, konjac flour 5 grams, add boiling water 100ml stir evenly drink! Day 3-4 times

7, honey diet law

honey has detoxification, whitening effect, morning drink a cup of warm water honey, that can wake up large intestine, can also be One night on the deposition of toxins from the body, in exchange foefreshing, the following describes some of the honey body weight method. Breakfast can be added before drinking honey, lunch and dinner when you eat a small amount of porridge. Most people eat honey after two days to feel the body relaxed, happy mood. Five days later you can eat noodles and other things easy to digest, and then slowly restore the original diet. With this weight loss method, many people in 3 days to lose weight 3 kg. Second, the symptoms of constipation and the feeling of anxiety can also be eliminated.

8, running thin law

running is definitely the most effective aerobic exercise, can strengthen the body at the same time all aspects of the ability to make you both thin and full of spirit. But choose this weight-loss method friends may pay attention to according to their own situation to control exercise intensity, do not exercise excessive damage to the body Oh.

9, shrink sphincter thin law

effect contraction sphincter and yoga, not only slimming but also conditioning the body. Forced to shrink the anus near the sphincter, and the more the number of times the effect will be better. Because it can help intestinal contraction, it can promote digestion and excretion function. Digestion and excretion of good function, naturally will not get fat. Facial skin will become more flexible. If one day after getting up in the morning and found a very swollen face, then do a while to shrink the sphincter movement, will be very useful Oh.

10, finger thin law

not subject to the restrictions of the place, and it is easy to grasp the finger weight-loss method, that is, the palm of the hand up, the hands like holding a small balloon with water continued to creep Five fingers knuckle. The so-called fingers to heart, this will at least indirectly on the various organs of the body to stimulate the role. Often do finger movement can not only lose weight, but also to promote blood circulation, more refreshing effect. Strongly recommended to those who have a cold hands on the winter or because of poor body circulation and often swollen people. Seemingly simple, but only personally do after that, its stimulating effect is still great. Generally do the palm fever so far. One day as long as there is a little free time to do it.