Summer with the highest onitsuka tiger online frequency of women than the T-shaped high-heeled sandals, concise and classic.

summer with the highest frequency of women than the T-shaped high-heeled sandals, concise and classic, a slender lace outline of the foot of the curve, and the tip of the high-heel echoes, Too much of the shackles, but not on both sides of the feet out of traces. And in the thick and high with the sudden emergence of the summer, T word area with the heel thicker and widened.

Matou interpretation of T-shaped high heels

thick with cool fish mouth sandals this summer vivi magazine explosion models. Street photographed the tide people like the simple T-shaped high heels, not only cool but also a good modification of the legs, the feet look more slender, the legs look more slender.

all kinds of T words with sandals

brown T words with sandals

Style 1 simple T shirt orange shorts

Matou choose a simple white shirt, loose clothing Collar is very unique. Hit color bright short pants appearance so she looks a lot of young, full of vitality. This T-shaped flat sandals elegant yet elegant design of the heart is a good impression, brown full of the future atmosphere. Wild leopard big bag super temperament.

white shirt nude color shorts a single color with also see the head

personality pattern with T-shaped sandals

Style 2 blue harness dress brown belt

Xiao Bian Comments pattern of sandals design is very personal, there is a sense of elongation on the leg, plus the depth of the direction of the T-type design even more feet slender. With a bright sling dress, so that the upper body is also sexy. Waist knit belts and envelopes the color of the uniform, personalized bracelet and ring style and sandals pattern design is matched.

Leopard T-shaped sandals white dress

Rose red T-shaped sandals

Style 3 nude color piece piece wide belt

Xiaobian Comments with a lotus leaf side Nude color piece pants simple and comfortable, but also cover the small chest shortcomings. Plus lapel to beam type, will be tall and tall. Feet on the feet of